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I was trying to think the other day what to do to make the run escape proof and I thought about digging down inside the fence and putting cement in it so glad to hear that it would work. Right now I have a big plank along the ground inside the fence and as the run was built on part of what was the driveway, it is very hard digging not like along the back of it where they got out. Before I did that I just left Gypsy (the pup) and Izzy in there together and no digging. Yesterday I left all three in while I went to town and when I came back Bonnie had started to dig one spot so definitely taking her with me this coming weekend when I will be away from Friday to Monday at the Agility trial. I don't want my brother-in-law to have to be worrying about them getting out.

I repaired the back of the run where they got out before so they cannot dig out that way now. As the ground on that side runs uphill, it was easier to fix.

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