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Default Escaping dogs

When I go to the Agility trial I leave my dogs in a kennel run I built off the barn with a heated place to sleep. My brother-in-law comes over and checks on them on Saturday and Sunday and everything was fine.

When I arrived home at 10 am on Monday and got out to open my gate, my three dogs (Bonnie, Gypsy and Izzy) were sitting on my driveway. I drove through my gate and closed it. I knew there was one weak spot in the back of the run but when I left there was a foot of snow on it. It warmed up over the weekend and they had dug out which meant they were in my neighbors above me. They have no fences so the dogs could have gone anywhere. When I checked the rest of my outside fence I found they had just come a little way down the fence and dug back into the yard. They did not want to leave home, thank goodness.

I have the wire all ready to put up but just have to wait till the rest of the snow is gone but I will have to fix it before I go to the trial on May 4th weekend. I am going to take Bonnie with me as I suspect she is the instigator and the other two just follow her lead.

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