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Default Gypsy's puppy classes

There have never been any puppy classes near me but when Gypsy was 12 weeks old, there were some only a few minutes from where I live so decided to take her to them. She still manages to get car sick even though she has not been fed so hopefully this will help her get over that.

It is really good for Gypsy as she never sees anybody but me and only the dogs she has been raised with. The class itself is just easy stuff, like walking on a loose leash (not teaching heel at this stage) taking treats gently, etc., playing with the other puppies, an 11 weeks old Flat Coated Retriever pup, another black lab cross puppy and a little older Cattle Dog.

Gypsy has her final shots on Monday, then I will be able to take her to town. At home she has learned to sit at the door to come in and stay when I open the door till I tell her OK to come in. Helps that Bonnie knows it so both sit there and wait, even when I ask the little dogs, one by one, to come in past them. Now if I can just convince her that we do not have to get up at 5 am in the morning!

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