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Default My new "rescue" dog, Izzy

In August, last year I ended up with a large miniature Poodle. She is by the same male as Bonnie. I did not really need another dog but felt so sorry for her. She was raised in a box stall in a barn, never out of it. She was absolutely terrified of everything and everybody.

I have worked with her very slowly and carefully. Bonnie has been a big help. At first I had to corner her to catch her but gradually she would sit and let me come up to her and put the leash on. She would walk on leash if I did not look at her but would bolt going through gates or doors.

Bit by bit she has been coming along and I am in no hurry to push forward. She sleeps on the bed with me at night along with my other little dogs, frisks around and plays and seems so happy.

I walked her down to the corner and back the other day with Bonnie and she was fine as we did not meet any cars or other people. I would have walked a little farther but it was too icy.

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