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Default Timi to the vet

About a week ago, I spotted a small round "thing" on Timi's back leg (the shorter one) I know that he and Cheynie rough house alot and Timi is very "ready-fire-aim" when it comes to play. But after a week it didn't seem to be healing and the very symmetrical shape of it concerned me. I couldn't feel a lump but since I have been down "that" road several times, I didn't want to take any chances. He went to the vet yesterday... not happily which surprised me..he was shivery afraid in the waiting room and he hadn't been like that when he was there in October. My sister came with me and we were both surprised by his reaction. The good news was that the vet didn't think the mark was anything more than an abrasion..whew. There was no need to aspirate it or take a scraping. He gave him a cortisone shot and a spray I have to use on his leg 2x a day. He also (to his dismay) got his nails cut. He really was such a good boy so we stopped at Petco on the way home for some toys and treats. Today is a different story... today he hates me!! He got his first dose of the spray and ran under the table and wouldn't come near me for most of the day! I think I can live with his unhappiness with me for a bit, I am just so thankful all was well with him.
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