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Originally Posted by JGLI View Post
My vet liked to see my older dogs three or four times a year (obviously more often than for my younger ones) not always for testing but for helpful 'look sees" to be able to monitor any problems that might arise before they became bigger problems. As well, they were all on Dasuquin and Welactin (fish oil) supplements at their vets recommendations. I was also more careful with them during extreme weather as they tended to tire more quickly in the heat (not that they would want/let you know!) and they were less happy to be out in the very cold weather as long.

We haven't seen pictures of your pups in a long time!! Do you have any to share?
Mine hasn't said anything about more often, just the senior panel, which is more comprehensive I guess. They did say knowing kidney and liver function cam be very important for an older dog.

I do give fish oil daily, I give it to all the dogs.

I try to make certain they don't over do it as well. Really haven't seemed to slow down but I know dogs might not always show it, so I watch them carefully if they are exercising in the heat or anything.

I will post up some pics a little later, I know it's been forever. My older dogs are between 8-12 years old now. A few have passed since I've posted.

I HAVE BEEN KISSED!! thanks sheplovr
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Thanks Sheplovr

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