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Oh you have no idea the fun of leaf killing on a trail surrounded by trees. Also the stick had to come with until her jaw got tired because it barely fit in her mouth. I have lots of pics of her flopped on leaves and staring at fields through the tree and brush gaps but my photobucket is running out of space. People took the pic of her jogging with my akita and just flipped out without asking any real info. Then I got the only x mins but doesn't the mins vary by your pace? Letting a big puppy play herself out at her pace seems like it should be quite different from making her keep up, especially if smaller, and just letting her sniff sometimes. She ran more in a relative's yard with no other dogs over thanksgiving. I was reminded why I tend not to use dog forums. I started to when I got my akita almost 10 years ago and I mentioned new puppies as I've gotten them but overall I just find too many people who are worse than arguing about childcare between parents. This is one place that always seems a bit more logical. Sucks it's having technical problems. I couldn't view my thread after posting it.

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