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Default Exercise level

I'd like opinions. I caught hell and even got flamed by a mod on another forum for basically walking my 8 week old malamute puppy. I took her to a low traffic trail out of town that has less risk of infected dog waste than walking our own block. It had solid, built up ground with buried gravel under dirt and grass because it used to be a railroad line. I chose this firm, even terrain carefully while avoiding concrete. We put her on a check line and let her bounce. She jogged next to the big dogs for maybe 20' max and then would get distracted, kill leaves, flop randomly, and we'd just wait. "oops. Aiko flopped again. Everyone go sniff the chipmunk filled brush." We wandered out about half a mile and we wandered back fully ready to carry her. She barely was slowing down the last few hundred feet but still attacked the others butts and bit the fluffy husky tail. She slept a short time and she was her normal activity level afterward. This will happen less than once a week now that snow is flying until late feb or march depending on the year. We just managed to slip one trip in before the first snow.

Everyone freaked that I was ruining her joints taking her out on a trail or that she was at horrible risk for parvo. Comments had to be deleted in some places. Like I said I got flamed by a mod even on a large forum. The vehemency of the responses made me do some more searches for info. I see nothing wrong. I did not force exercise, she tired herself out, and we reached the car just as she was no longer hyper in a breed not known to be particularly hyper. I reduced risk of illness as much as I could while still getting her out seeing things. I want her socialized as early as possible. Even just watching people and cars out the car windows as we travel to and from places is beneficial. She also goes to puppy playgroup where vaccines are checked 1-2times weekly for an hour and starts obedience classes Jan 3 so she'll be about 12 weeks.

I wonder how many think I am wrong? How many are on the side of protect them from everything at cost of socialization if you have limited to no safe methods (there have been no puppies at puppy playgroup so she's been playing with foster dogs kenneled there) and how many are on the side of get a puppy out there and let their own energy be the guide of amount of activity? We were at the vehicle and stopped her before she needed to stop herself. She threw a little tantrum she was forced to go back in the suv before going to sleep.

Of course I have to post the pics I have uploaded

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