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Hello and welcome from the great state of Texas. I am Sandra and I live down on the coast with my hubby of 51 years and our 9 year old Great Pyrenees, Moose, and our 12 1/2 year old golden retriever, Sophie. Both of our sons live within 5 miles of us,, as do our grand children, the oldest being our grandson who will turn 17 next week.

I grew up in a family of quail hungers and was always surrounded by English Setters and pointers. My frist several dogs were English Setters. One day a lost Irish Setter, no collar, showed up looking in the window at me. No flyers, no ads in the paper, I kept him. He was so well trained so well mannered, so gentle and friendly I knew he had been well loved at some point. Upon his death 8 years later, I got an Irish Setter puppy and had Boots for 12 1/2 years.

When Boots was 9, our older son who was stilt at, home, got a golden retriever to train as a duck retriever. We have a total of 6 goldens, including the adopted one we he now. Also to throw into the mix, when our 13+ year old golden died, we adopted a blind Great Pyrenees and upon his death, got the one we have now. These are the only breed dogs I know anything about, but have had many medical issures with them from luxting patella to allergies, cancer to fatty tumors, and much more.
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