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Most dogs do bark some, but when it is for prolonged periods of time it can be very annoying and can be a problem. I work at home and had a neighbor a few years ago who would leave their dogs in the yard while they were at work and their dogs would bark all day long. It was very frustrating, and I adore dogs and have had dog companions virtually all of my life, but I was was painful.

It sounds like your dogs have a lot of pent up energy, and perhaps are in need of more time and attention, more activity. If crated too much, dogs become bored and frustrated, and likewise if left alone in the yard too much, without enough time with their person, it can also create emotional difficulties. You furry friends may need more walks and attention if possible, that might help. You could also consider taking them to obedience classes, that provides training and some adventure for dogs. In the summer I take my dog on longer walks early morning and in the evening when it's cooler, and only on very short walks in the heat of the day when it's a hot day.

If there is a struggle having the time for two dogs, I don't know that I'd be inclined to get another; I ponder if I had the time and energy to provide the attention and training another dog would need.

With your dog that likes to play with their water you could try telling them "no" and redirect them with a toy.

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