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My story is a little different. When we lost the last of our 4 golden retrievers at age 13 in Aug. 2014, we adopted a 7 year old blind Great Pyrenees from the rescue. Lost him 3 1/2 weeks later to hemangiosarcoma and they told us we would either have our money back or take another dog. We opted for another dog.

Moose was 7 and had been with this couple for 4 yers. Before than, unknown. He was found at about age 3 stealing food from an open cafe on the Rivewalk in San Antonio. This couple had atopted Moose from teh Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue and adoption contract reads that if you for any reason ahve to give your Pyr up, you will return it to them. They had decided to move back home to Minn or Wis--I forget off the top of my head--to take over the Bed and Breakfast and knew that was no place for a 115 pound barkign dog--and prys LOVE to bark. They made an agreement with the rescue that even tho he was back on resuce adoption list, they wantd to foster until either he found a home or they moved. So they still had him when we settled on him. We met them half way and got him

Theey asked if I coudl elt them know how hehad made the 100 mile trip, how he was settling in, etc and gave me their e-mail. Well, I did and ever couple of weeks would send a "news letter" telling of his trips to the beach, Tractor Supply, Lowes, etc and pictures. They sent copies of pictgures they had taken of him. Then in Feb. they said they had a favor to ask me me, but would understand if I said no. They golden retriever had turned 11 on Jan. 8 and had really bad arthritis in hips and knees and they did not know how she would weather the harks winters up there, would we be willing to take her--knew we had previusly owned several goldens. We jumped at the chance.

Met them half way again. Got her in our car and started home and she was terrified. Now, she was 11 yrs 5 weeks old and had been with them since she was 5 weeks old. she didn't know what was happening. She was glad to be back with Moose, but was scared to venture arund the house much, scared to go outside alone, etc. However, with lots of love and attention, in a few weeks she started acting like a normla golden--trying to "clean" the dishes in dish washer, figured how to get the door open to get to trash can and get in it, started carryhing her teddy bear (they sent it with her) around, wanting tummy rubs, demanind attention. We took her places and she was scared at first, but does better. She does still try to be as close to us as possible, but loves for peole to stop and pet her. Funny thing, she was never scared of people that came here, loved the grand kids, but was just scared of "the house" I guess you could say. Now at age 12 1/3 years, you would think she ha been here her entire life.

Good luck with your girl. Hard work general pays off.
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