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Originally Posted by TheDireStrait View Post
My girl's a Pit x Shep and looks a lot like yours, you could try Googling some images of them. Depending on where you live, it's more likely she's a Pitbull/Shepherd than a Boxer/Shepherd (pitbulls are much more common and have higher rates of abandonment and abuse sadly). It's possible Libby's a Lab mix but I don't see anything to suggest it personally. She's very slender and the fur looks (from the pictures) to be more - flecked, is that the word? - than a Lab's coat would ever be. And her head/face is definitely more of a pitbull/boxer/shepherd than a Lab. If she's Lab she definitely takes after the shepherd part!

As for her shyness, that's something which is hard to deal with. You say she growls at some one in your house? I really suggest then that they keep high value treats on them and drop them when you aren't around and the dog is calm. Eventually she'll learn that this person = something awesome and feel better in the house. Removing her from the bed when she growls concerns me a little bit... while she definitely shouldn't be allowed to growl, you could be just as easily be training her to just not give a warning and bite instead one day. It's vital that the core of the problem is addressed as soon as possible. All that being said, I'm a new dog owner so don't take everything I say as gospel and I highly suggest you keep working with that trainer!

Socializing sounds like it's a challenge so far. I think taking her to Home Depot is a bad idea - all the people, the strange and strong smells, the noise, all of that will be adding to her stress instead of making her feel more comfortable. I have an idea... what is your front yard like? Is it fenced in? Crazy shot in the dark, but if you do, try putting up a sign that says you're trying to get her used to people and have a little bag of dog treats strangers can feed her when they pass by. She'll be in a comfortable and safe place where she can retreat farther away if she feels overwhelmed, and at the same time build confidence and trust by approaching the human instead of the other way around.

Thanks for your thoughtful response! Do you have any pictures of your dog that you could share? Everyone has said Lab/Shepherd mix but I don't think that's right because she doesn't have a long snout.

We are definitely concerned about the growling as well. She is very fearful of my fiancÚ and had stopped growling at him when he approaches me before leaving for work in the morning. Unfortunately, this morning she growled at him again, which is weird because we thought we had made such tremendous progress.

Nope, yard isn't fenced in. FiancÚ said it wouldn't be a problem to put her on the run line when we're outside so we don't have to watch her like a hawk. Nope. Wrong.

I appreciate the suggestions; I think I'll start out slowly. One big problem is that we don't have any friends nearby so we're usually home by ourselves. I work from home so if she's not at daycare, she's with me while I sit at the computer for 10 hours a day.

I think it'll get better; it's just going to take time, patience, consistency, and training.

Thanks again!

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