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so we should ignore his whining in the crate? we do have a tshirt in there, but I dont have a ticking clock.

we kept him up a bit longer yesterday evening and did some training and hide & seek with the kids, really had him running around. and he slept 11:30 - 5. so that's good. but was whining by 5:45 wanting to play. we ignored him until 6:30. will try it again tonight.

the pee/poop thing is a bit better, sort of. I'm working really heavily on leave it/come/and loose leash walking. so now when I take him out we go for a quick little walk around the patio first then he pees. when he tries to get stuff in his mouth I've been telling him leave it and if I have some treats on me (I always do these days) he will usually leave the sticks or whatever. we started working on drop it indoors, I dont think he's ready for it outside yet so when there's something already in his mouth I tell him to do something (come or even give paw) so I can reward him with a treat...he drops what's in his mouth for my treats.
he still doesnt poop on any schedule (aside from his predawn dump, lol) and its driving me crazy. I hope that will change as he gets older.

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