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I'm back with more questions

we have our puppy on a feeding schedule, 6:30 am, 1 pm, and 5 pm. we would like to take him out the last time for the night at 11:30.

puppy consistently (since we have him) has been getting up at 4, he whines a bit and hubby takes him out, he pees and poops, and goes back to sleep. then he's up at 5:15. I will take him out, he pees again, and thinks its playtime. uh uh no way. too early for me. if I put him back in his crate and lay down next to him, he will settle until 6:30 (I dont have to be there the whole time just 5-10 min).

now, he's giving hubby a hard time at 4, wants to play, wont go back to bed unless hubby lays next to him. so maybe I've set up a bad habit.

also, he falls asleep around 6 pm and there is no waking him. we take him out to pee (carry him out if we have to) every 45 min or so and he's all groggy and goes right back to sleep. then he'll get up around 8, play a bit, and by 9 he's asleep again.

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to move things around so that he's up more in the evenings, and less in the pre-dawn hours! any advice?

and what about the whining in the crate? I dont want him to think the crate is horrible, but I also dont want him needing me to help him fall asleep. I do want him to sleep in the crate for now because he is not trustworthy around the house yet, and he's quickly outgrowing his pen. he doesnt mind being in his crate during the day for short periods of time (longest being 2.5 hrs).

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