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Hello and welcome. I got my first "own" dog for my 11th birthday, an English Setter puppy I named Beauty. I opted for the puppy over a watch. Money was scared around our house--as it was with most everyone else in our little farming community--so I could not have both (puppy was $10). I got her June 4, and lost her to distemper in Nov. Since then I have had so many dogs, English Setters,2 Irish Setters, 6 golden retrievers and 2 Great Pyrenees. My heart breaks with the loss of each. Aug.13, 2014 I lost my 13+ year old golden receiver, Honey and I told my hubby that was it for me. I had lost my last my last dog. I had been losing dogs since l956, and my heart just couldn't stand being broken again. When I had to let Honey go (lymphoma) I told my vet "This is it, I can't handle another loss) he said "You heart will tell you if you get another dog or not."

Guess what, within 3 days we couldn't stand not having dog hair around having doggy kisses, giving tummy rubs and ear scratches etc and I was on the computer. I filled out application for the nearest golden retriever rescue (Austin, 200 miles away) and also the Great Pyrenees rescue. We had always admired pyrs, but never owned on. I did research before filling out the application.

within a week we were approved by the pyr rescue and we went thru their list of available and one jumped out at us--a 7 year old blind one with chronic ear infection. We just kept coming back to shaggy and decided on hm. We got him Aug. 30. His was so thin, and he smelled so bad due to ears. Got him to our vet the next day and he said the antibiotics were the right ones, but he needed more, so put him on steroids.

He foster, who had had him 15 months is vegan and fed him vegan dog food (I had not known such a thing existed) and he had put on 5 pounds in the 15 months. She had greatly improved his skin with coconut oil on his skin and in his food--he had severe hair loss when she got him due to having lived in small cage or crate and being in his own pee and poop for years) He hair was thin, but coming in. Also, he had been blind his entire life. His eye slits were to small. The rescue vet and my vet both feel had the dog had surgery as a pup he would not have been blind.

Well, in the 3 weeks and 3 days we had him, put on almost 3 pounds His ears cleared up and he loved having ear scratches. He actually learned his way round our yard--where the half barrels with roses in them were, tree trunks, etc and would actually trot around doing his bed in Pry Patrol. He came to the sound of our voices. His tail wagged so much we called him Shaggy Waggy.

However, one day he was fine, trotting around protecting our yard, eating his 3 meals a day and his boiled sweet potato treats, the next morning he wouldn't even get up. Rush to vet, Hemangiosarcoma. Nothing could be done. We had to let him go. Loved him so much we got another pyr and then a golden retriever. He was 7, she was 11. Both are happy, loving dogs and we wouldn't take for them.
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