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I don't have any dogs yet, but I am planning everything well ahead of time. I plan on adopting two small sized dogs. The house I am hoping to move into is a two story. All of the living area is downstairs and the bedrooms are all upstairs. So, crate in the living room where we will be during the day or upstairs where we sleep? Since they will be small dogs with smaller crates, can I just move the crates upstairs where we sleep or is a constant location part of the comfort? Would two crates for a single dog work in this situation?

I work all day (though I can come home at lunch and let them stretch their legs) so I plan on using crate training, especially when they are new. There is a small office on the bottom floor, so I am thinking about turning that into a doggy play room when I am at work, after they are established. I can put their crates in there at that time.

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