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Exclamation Does anyone live in Chile? We need help!

I live in Santiago Chile, and we have a pretty big dog housing problem here. There are a lot of strays walking about. Those are actually pretty well off on their own. Most have evolved to be good wild dogs and form packs and defend their territories. However, the domestic dogs often get discarded or lost. Adoption organizations and shelters here are non-existant and general dog care and education is extremely poor. In rich neighborhoods people have fancy pocket dogs, but in the middle class areas and lower income areas people get big male dogs, put them on a short chain and expect them to guard the house without any training. What ends up happening is we have a whole city full of chained up, angry, hungry, confused, not fixed male dogs. When they escape they breed. That leeds to more homeless puppies. No one here, and I am not exaggerating, will take a female pup, especially if it's a smaller size breed. Those end up roaming the streets or dying.
I have, in the year and half that I've lived here, adopted one street male dog, and one female pup whom I had to nurture back to full health (she was starving and badly hurt). I have painstakingly housed a few other dogs, put a very old suffering dog to sleep, provided veterinary care, including surgery, for several hurt street dogs, and am currently trying house a couple of dogs who once had homes and are now lost. I do my part, but it is not nearly enough.
If anyone lives here in Santiago, or knows people who live here, let's try to change this rotten pattern. People here turn the other way and ignore the ugly side of the dog situation. When I post pictures of a dog looking for a home I get hundreds of "awwwww... she is so cute, I wish could take her" replies and then I see the same people going to pet stores and paying money for puppies when I have them to give away.

Small steps, people. I can't change this city right away, but I sure as hell have to try to steer it in a better direction.

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