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Default Vomitng the day after.......

Hi Everyone,

Jake has been vomiting his dog food three times this week in the morning from the night before. When I switch him to white rice, steamed beef, chx and egg whites he's fine. When I incorporated the dry kibble back in slowly he vomited again the next morning. (Fromms Adult Gold, good food, very rich)

1.) OJ in his water per the Vet. The acidity will reduce tarter over a period of time. I stopped the OJ the last few days and he vomited yesterday morning.
2.) The Vet thinks it might be this bag of food. Maybe there is something different in this batch. Switch foods and watch him.
3. The bag sat in my car for a whole work day in the trunk in the Arizona heat. Didn't think much of it as it sits in hot trucks, on hot loading docks.

Thoughts anyone? Thanks Robin and Jake the K9

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