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Unhappy Puppy is becoming distant

I have a a 5 month old boxer/Pitt. She has never been super clingy or cuddly but she used to follow me around, sit in my lap and she would snuggle me, just not a whole lot. The last few weeks, she's been distant, she doesn't really want to sit with me and some nights, she doesn't even want to sleep with me. It's really hard cause this dog is my child and my whole world. We moved to a new place and my boyfriend is gone (he went to rehab). Since all that has happened is when she changed. I'm not sure if she's confused about all the changes and she misses my boyfriend (it's equally his dog too) or if it's a phase she's going through, or even the type of dog it is. Can anyone tell me what might be going on and if there's anything I could be doing wrong or what I could do to make her love me more again.

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