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Originally Posted by Bigboy View Post
I personaly don't have a problem with Nipper not being in a crate she is now over 8 years old and if she is traveling in the car she will sit nicely in the foot well she will stay on the couch at night and nothing is touched including the sofa where she is lying on niot because of luck but training her how ever i do understand that some times a crate may be useful
You are, however, overlooking the benefits of having a crate trained dog whether you choose to use one with your dog or not. Airplanes, trains, etc. do not have a "foot" where a dog is permitted to sit. If your dog is hospitalized at any time she will be crated and you can make such an event much easier on your dog and on your vet and the staff by having your dog crate trained. Such situations are already stressful enough for dogs without the added burden of coping with the crate as a scary, new experience instead of a familiar "safe" place. In times of natural disasters or other emergency events--such as those of us who have been through hurricanes understand all too well--it may well be that the dog has to be evacuated either to a designated animal shelter where it will be in a crate or to a shelter with you/its owners and it will not be permitted to accompany you without a crate. All are informed reasons not to discourage any dog owner from crate training their dog. My dogs at ages 16, 14, 11 1/2, and 1, as well as every other dog I have had with family have all been crate trained though they did not require it for curbing any undesirable behaviors nor after potty training was complete so that age is a non-issue.
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