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We have no problem with our dog and our cats, and our dog (coonhound/GSD mix) was a rescue that we adopted at 11 months old. However, even as gentle as we think he is, we always watch very closely when they are playing and never leave them in a room together by themselves. I have read too many stories of a family dog and cat being left together, by themselves, and the situation being turn into a prey/predator tragedy. Like DeeLind7 said, introduce them slowly, but always in such a way that you have control of the situation. Also, as Deelind7 said, watch the dog's body language, and I would add also the cat's. The cat may not want to be friends. It is good that your cat has a place to go where the dog cannot go. Even though our cats get along with our dog, there are times they don't want to be bothered by him and his slobbering on them and want to go to their part of the house. Keep us posted on the situation. Last, but not least, welcome to the forum.

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