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Originally Posted by KindKatelyn View Post
2 days ago my boyfriend brought home a stray 5 year old belgian malinois german shepherd mix. We cleaned him up and are prepared to give him a good home. But I also have a 6 year old cat, and I am very fearful of our new friend attacking my cat. It has happened to me before when I was dog sitting a few years ago and my cat was killed The dog is 5 years old and may be very set in his ways and may see my cat as prey. We have the separated on two sides of the house, but when the dog sees the cat he seems so focused on it, will not take his eyes off him, but i keep him on a leash so nothing will happen. Is he trying to play or should I take this as a sign of aggression? My boyfriend assures me that everything will be fine, but he has not experienced what I have I am very worried. The cat is my best friend and thinking that what happened to my old cat brings me to tears thinking it could happen to my cat now. So in short is there any signs I can look for to know if the dog will hurt my cat, or if he wants to play. I know GSD have a very high prey drive and I am really scared but my boyfriend has fallen in love with the dog and I dont want to hurt anyone. Please help I dont know what to do and I am really scared.
First of all, welcome to the Forum!!!! You need to introduce very slowly. I have never had a problem introducing a cat with my dogs. They are not GSDs, but a Collie and a Chi. You really need to read the GSD's body language. Does he really want to make a new friend, or would he look at the cat as prey?

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