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Default Mikey says hi!

I tend to post these on Facebook a lot more and I never get on forums because of it, but Mikey certainly remembers forums more frequently than I do! I have been so busy with my last semester at Community College, I actually haven't been online much at all but now that it's finally getting warmer and closer to summer I can go hiking with Mikey a ton more. I've pretty much chosen the college I am transferring to, however I recently just applied for a full-time salaried "big girl" job, which I was qualified for just with my associates degree and job experience, so if something comes of that I will most likely just finish school online and work full-time at the National Wildlife Refuge I applied to.

Anyway, if there is anything I've learned from this "problem" dog I'd have to say, a lot of times you need to just TRUST the dog. I never trusted him fully to be out of the crate in the car, but he's actually so good (when he is seatbelted in). He gets a little overexcited but he's really good when he calms down. He really shocked me. I also bought him a 15 foot leash for hiking because his trail "etiquette" has improved two fold since I first ever took him hiking. It's mostly for the less "traveled" trails but he has a ton more freedom. One thing I can NEVER trust him with would be him being offleash and I am not about to literally risk his life. But he was so good and didn't bother any dogs/no innappropriate barking, etc. I just tried it yesterday. He met an nice lady who really loved the idea of him having so much freedom on the leash. Anyway, I figured I'd post the pictures. They don't do justice for the beauty of the place we hike at.

Anyway, he surprises me everyday. Maybe it's just his age showing, I guess he's finally maturing but he isn't a lost cause whatsoever. I am so lucky to have him, for real! I remember thinking I could never trust him without complete control, but he teaches me something everyday.
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