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Default Puppy stung by a bee in the mouth...

I know the answer to this is probably to do nothing but better to be safe than sorry.

My pup (Mingus) is just over 10 weeks old (he had his first jab at 6 weeks, second at 8 weeks) so he has just had his first little trips outside. Yesterday went really well, we took him to a quiet place with few distractions, practiced some recall training one the initial excitement was over with, all in all a lovely experience for owners and pup.

Today however.. different story. I didn't see the bee until after Mingus had tried to "play" with it and he was rolling round on the floor trying to scratch his head off and squealing. The bee was dead on the grass with no stinger so it ovbiously stung his mouth.

He has been really good and let me look inside his mouth but I cant see the stinger, just wondering if this will come out on its own or what to do otherwise? We live in england so there aren't really any dangerous insects, but this happened a half hour ago and he is still in discomfort.

Also I dont want to make too much of a fuss because I know this will scare him more (leader of the pack showing weakness etc) but feel really sorry for the poor little boy.. I wouldn't like being stung by a bee if I didn't know what it was!

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