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Originally Posted by Kutoja View Post
I actually don't know how dog-friendly the cats are. They do growl (Silky) and hiss (the girls) when they see dogs at the vet; however I'm not sure how much of that is because they don't like dogs, and how much is because they're in this scary, strange-smelling place outside of their own territory and have now been confronted with a big, hairy monster.

For what it's worth, I seriously suspect Silky might have been raised by a human and/or a dog (and not by his mother): he has no clue about feline etiquette and has an awful lot of doggy traits (he even plays fetch!)

I'm not a stranger to introducing one animal to another - I had to do it twice with the cats - and puppy-to-cat intros don't seem too different from cat-to-cat intros. We'll just take it as slowly as necessary.

I was actually already leaning in the direction of a papillon puppy, since they don't need (professional) grooming and their temperament sounds about right for us. The unintimidating size even when fully-grown also helps: I'm not sure I'd have the strength to hold a large dog back since I'm short (157 cm) and not in the best of shape. Plus there are several breeders in southern Finland!

Thanks for your help, everyone!
You really can not base your cats on how they act at a vet, that is for sure. Once you take them out of their environment, put them in a carrier, it's over. They are just scared. I watched the Westminster agility show that was on last night. It is the first time they allowed mixed breeds in the competition. They called them The All American Dog. There was a beautiful Papillon in the competition. I just love their ears!

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