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Kutoja, welcome to the Forum! I have a question for you. Are your cats dog friendly? I am asking, because cats can do major damage when they are angry. I used to own a cattery and showed/bred Persians. I have 2 dogs now, but I do know cat behavior. I've seen a mid-size dog taken down by 3 cats. The dog only wanted to play, but the cat did not. The cat went after the dog, and 2 other cats joined in. It can sometimes just be a hit or a miss when you have adult cats. Sometimes they accept a new family pet, and sometimes they don't.
Your cats will need plenty of time to get used to the dog. They will probably hiss, run and hide, and then do the "rubber necking" thing that they do. Real low to the ground, and peeking around corners, to see where the dog is. Cats are also very territorial and do not like change. I'd suggest you wait a good 3 months after you move, before getting a dog. The move alone, will be stress enough for the cats. They will need time to get used to their surroundings, their new home.
It's been my experience that adult cats seem to do much better will puppies. I think it's the size, and the fact that puppies have no fear. All they want to do is eat, sleep, and play.
For me, I'd go with a Papillon. They are not too tiny, and their coat is manageable. They are also lap dogs.
Again, welcome!

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