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I did consider the shelter (that's where the cats came from), but Finnish shelters only ever have about two adoptable dogs at one time, if that. We don't (yet!) have a problem with strays or pet overpopulation, since any strays are caught in pretty short order.

So far in my research (starting with the Dog Breed Info Center list of Low-Exercise Demand dogs, and then adding in factors like child-friendliness and tolerance toward other pets, plus temperature tolerance - where I could find it - and grooming needs), I've come up with the following breeds: Bichon Frise, Bolognese, Havanese, Papillon, or Toy Poodle. Most of the other breeds on the combined lists were struck out by tiny size (I thought they might be at a disadvantage if they were to get into a brawl with Silky the dog in cat's clothing) or flat-out-unavailability over here.

Do you think any of the above breeds might work for a first dog? Does anyone have any experience regarding their weather tolerance? As I said, I'm not planning on getting a show dog.

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