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He looks like a mixed breed. Doesn't really look like a purebred husky to me, at least not what I'm use to seeing.

As for what he has in him, can't really say from that picture, it's hard to tell.

He might have some sort of shepherd mixed in him(or maybe some sort of spitz breed). If you can, try posting other pictures of him(a side shot with him standing, a front shot, face shot, basically different angles). It might be easier to guess that way.

I'm sure Cody will feel great after a good brushing and in his new home, thanks for adopting him

*Also, It might take him a few weeks to adjust to the new household before he starts showing his "true" self. Where you'll see more of his energy and personality* ADD: Just saw your other post and you've seen/worked with him before adopting him so you probably already know him pretty good

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