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Originally Posted by MrJohn View Post
I remember when you asked about a harness and see she has one. What kind is it? Looks to be very substantial.
Since her middle name seems to be Houdini, I switched her to the Roman harness (which is harder to back out of) and a modified martingale collar. The D-rings of both are also connected via a carabiner and her leash is the Halti training lead which has snap bolts on both ends. She is still very reactive to loud noises (especially motorcycles and large trucks) and she tends to back up to try to escape. The martingale doesn't engage unless she does that and the redundancy of the system helps make sure she doesn't escape and bolt. We're making baby steps in progress, she used to crawl up my leg whenever a car passed or a helicopter flew overhead but now she does pretty well on walks unless the 'unexpected' truck or motorcycle zooms by. (my sweatshirt pockets smell like a deli and the next step is a straight jacket )
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