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Thank you guys <3 Yeah he's a pretty dog, he is on a diet though, he easy puts on weight.. I want to shave him down maybe another 5 lbs or so.. He has started basic agility now and rally, and I want him to hold up. He's on Wellness and he eats maybe 2/3 of a cup twice a day and if he gets a lot of treats even less than that.. Its amazing how little a smaller dog eats!! LOL

And Janice that is Atlantic beach, dogs allowed from Oct to May I think it is.. So we are using it, technically its for residents only, but I have a client down there so if anyone would ask Im planning my next lesson.. And there's never anyone there mid day so if you have time over, sneak in, no one will notice, I think we saw one jogger last Friday and we were there at noonish, going this Friday as well..

Scooby loves it and he's starting to really enjoy the ocean and splashing in the waves!
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