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Dexter appears to have reached his adult size and weight at 18 months, and weighs in at a solid 60 lbs. Upon doing loads of research based on his personality, tendencies, and physical attributes, I have come to the conclusion that he is a Black Mouth Cur (BMC) Mix. If you have never heard of the breed, check them out! Beautiful, loyal, protective, hard working hunting dogs that originated in the South. Two families by the last names of "Howard" and "Ladner" are mostly responsible for the breed, as their families have worked solely to maintain the bloodline from generations ago.

Dexter has never been on a "hunt" but sure has a nose for small game, especially squirrels. He really is the most loving, dependable dog i could have ever hoped and dreamed of. I not only attribute this to much training and consistency with that training, but also with the breed that he is.

I must emphasize to google and read up on these BMCs as they are fantastic dogs, whether for hunting or just a good 'ol family dog!!!

Here are some recent shots of him!

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