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Default Scooby giving me the stink eye (pictures)

So I ate way too much last night, and woke up with indigestion after tossing and turning for a bit. I roll out of bed, Scooby looks up at me to see what Im doing from the doggy bed. I give him a pet, I stroll over, flip the switch to turn on the light.. Scooby stares at me, like really?! He then dives down and sticks his head behind his plastic pig... That had me laughing cause it was such a human reaction how we hide our heads in the pillows if you know what I mean.. Either way I broke out the camera cause I thought it was cute, then I got THIS face, and then he dove down behind the pig again. It is funny how human these dogs sometimes behave!!

He does deserve to sleep though, he was very good today, I took him with me to a dog defensive student and would you not believe it, he made friends with a very angry little Shiba.. The owners jaws was on the ground. I really did get lucky getting this puppy.. <3
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