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Otis is a large dog - he's only 6 months and is already taller and longer than my adult lab. We did start crate training in the beginning, starting offf in incriments and it seemed to work, now that I think about it, when he did hurt his toe it was the first time he experienced my husband travelling and DUcky was keeping him company, but then after a while she would leave the room he was in. The longest he would be crated for is 3 hours. I am a stay at home Mom so I am around a lot and we don't like to leave them long anyway because they are used to us being around.

I just tried putting him in while I was home and the first time he lasted 5 minutes no fuss.. I am going to take him for a walk soon, then try for 10 after he eats dinner. Hopefully it works. The crate we have is large enough for him, he can stand up easy, turn around etc.

I am hoping that he grows out of the destructive stage and we will work on that behaviour when we are home with him. He has ruined some hand me down antique furnature, my futon, pillows, a chair etc. He has plenty of toys and things to chew on and Ducky here to keep him company. Anyway, I am hoping he won't always go in a crate.. In my many years of having dogs this is the first crate I have had in my house.

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