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Vladd in your post#5 you state you are living with them and 'can't' put your foot down as it's not your house! Wrong it might not be your house but it's your dog and your dog's health. As for letting your dog take something nicley from your hand there's nothing wrong with that And I am with you on the treats thing I don't just treat my dog for the sake of it either just because she looks 'pretty' I get her to do things and 1. that keeps her mind active and 2. She seems to enjoy it and is focused in the long term you are probably best looking for your own place Another really healthy treat is the humble 'carrot' Crunchy full of vitamin B or D not sure which one and there's no limit on the number he can have Sorry I had to laugh the statement 'Oh he will never that weight' is also very true while they continue to stuff processeed meats down his mouth I think you are going to have to be firmer in the long run if they still can't see it then they must be blind to it! Good luck and let us know how you get on
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