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Default Help with new Catahoula pups

We recently adopted a male, Chaz Alexander and female Lola Mae from a mix breed litter. I think they were too young to go. They were born on August 26th and we adopted/rescued them on September 29th making them only 5 weeks old. The owner said that the mom had weaned them the week prior. They still eat like their belly buttons are rubbing on their back bones. We took them and found them to be riddled with worms and undernourished. Literally we left with them and went straight to the vet. They are on their way now to the picture of health. Looking at them you can't tell they are anything but Catahoula's. We did not know what we were getting when we rescued them and I am nervous about the breed. I want to be on top of their training to make sure they are happy dogs and that we are happy pet parents. We live on an acre with 1 older female mix breed dog, 1 cat, 1 kitten, 3 rabbits (with babies on the way) and 6 laying hens with new chicks in the spring. We have 5 children ages 15-15 months. My husband is very dominate over our animals. We had recently lost our chocolate lab who was also a rescue to the highway that borders our property. She found her way out of the fence. We hope that we have remedied that problem by reinforcing it with welding mesh. Unfortunately we live in a colder climate apparently not as accommodating for a cur. I am encouraged by the fact that they are large game hunters being that my husband wanted an hunting companion. I am encouraged by them being candidates for good watch dogs. I am optimistic that they will be good family animals with the proper training. I am worried that they will be aggressive toward invited guests. I am intrigued however in the possibility that they can be good watch dogs while on our property with un-invited guests. I am also worried I wont be able to offer them the exercise and "work" they need while my husband is working and unable to take them hunting. As much as he would like to, he can not hunt year round. Any advice would be welcomed. I don't know how accurate the Catahoula characteristics will be being that their mom looked like a border collie also a well known herding breed.

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