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Smile Happy Birthday to Hunter!

My birthday just passed, and since I adopted my Hunter boy so close to my own birthday, I made his birthday the same as mine. He is now 8 years old! Even though he is technically considered a senior, he's still acting young! He was starting to get the 'old man' gut so I switched him to senior food this year and now he's losing that belly. He has had another great year and I'm so thankful for having him in my life. I hate how he is getting older, but he's still my buddy who can seem to read my mind. The only downside to this year, has been his Dry Eye Condition. It hasn't necessarily gotten worse (besides the big globs of goop we have to clean from his eyes and the drops he has to get sometimes 5 times a day), but it has severely effected his eye sight. Just the other day, we were playing our game of kickball, and Hunter totally lost his sense of direction and ran straight into our side wall. He scraped his face a bit. He also has trouble finding his toys, and he used to be an EXPERT treat catcher, but now never sees them coming. That has made me sad, but besides that he is my very best boy! And we have started giving him Cod Liver Oil Pills and it seems to be giving him relief. So Happy Birthday to Hunter, my Hunter Boy, Huntard, Booger Eyes, and Poochie. (Don't mind my goofy nicknames).

Here are two pictures I snapped real quick today. We had a burst of cold weather and it was rainy so me and him snuggled under the blankets together.

Hunter - Dutch Shepherd mix
Mystic - German Shepherd

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