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Sadie has a very good memory. She remembers places we haven't been to in months and even a year or more. I know because she always wants to go the direction we did before. She remembers where she found something interesting or yummy. She avoids certain dogs at the dog park or runs to greet others she hasn't seen in a month.
Longer term, I don't know. One of my big worries when I first got her and even now is that her previous owner will show up somewhere we are and she'll want to go to them and rather be with them than me. \
I think that Lucy may be reacting to some environmental thing that causes a fear reaction even if she does not 'remember' the details of whatever it was. We do the same thing...sense something or get uneasy even when we don't know why but it could be triggered by something from our early life we can't recall.
Try to note the things that are going on when she exhibits the behavior. Sounds, sights, smells, activities, etc. Maybe you'll get a clue but even if you don't, just be a little more interactive with her. I wouldn't go overboard comforting as it will end up rewarding the behavior. Just do your normal stuff with a little more attention to what's going on with her.
I think if you don't display a lot of concern and act like everything is normal, it will be more comforting to her.
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