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Back for the last update. I just wanted to leave this as I know others might find this as they struggle with their decision.

I was originally thinking a few weeks ago it was time. But then we had a friend who is a sort of dog medium do a reading on her (actually it was the medium's idea or maybe my sister in law). Pretty interesting even if you are not a big believer in that sort of stuff. She hit a lot of nails on the head.

Long story short, we had another 2 weeks of love and attention for Stella but when I began to hear her whimpering while lying down, and having trouble trying to lie down, we knew it was time.

We had a vet come on a house call and it was extremely peaceful. The vet was great and she was happily munching away on some sort of super treat he brought right up until the moment she passed.

When we went through old pictures it was both sad and enlightening. It really helped us realize how many things she used to do and hadn't done in years.

I also wanted to mention the 'look in the eyes' others have mentioned. I saw a look once when she was in distress (she had laid on her bad leg somehow and could not get up easily) that was very much a panic/help me look and one of my wife's friends said that she had the same look her dog had just before they made their decision.

The toughest thing is that no amount of advice or knowledge of the experience of others can change the fact that everyone needs to make their own hard decision about the pet they love. My thoughts are with you all that have to, and most pet owners do have to at some point.

Thanks, G

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