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Originally Posted by JayBee View Post
The bottom of the van door (which is one step up from the ground)to the top of the bench seat is a huge distance for Mr. B. His back would be stretched too much.

That and the jump from the ground to the van floor is difficult because there's an immediate obstacle of the seat in the way. Getting from the top of the ramp onto the seat is a couple of inches shorter in height but it's also easier because there's nothing to bump head on at the end of the leap.

I have a Safari van with 2 three person seats in the rear. I ended taking out the middle seat so that when MacKenzie walked up the ramp he had lots of room to get in the van and then get on the seat.

Bonus was that it made stowing shopping and stuff like Mom's walker ever soooo much easier. MacKenzie got to ride like Miss Daisy in the far back...

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