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I used one similiar for MacKenzie - training him to use it was 'challenging'...

Picking him up was not an option - his weight and my arm strength were very much at odds. I also quit picking him up when he was only a few months old so he wasn't used to it and would have put up an unholy fight if I had of tried. In hindsight, I should have gotten him used to being picked up, if not by me then by someone else.

Mine folds in half and has the sandpaper surface. I didn't like it too much to start with until I thought things through a bit...rubber would add more weight and I think carpeting would suck up moisture if you had to use it with either a wet dog or in wet weather.

I need to put it up for sale on Kijiji so that it's sold locally cause shipping charges would kill anyone. Anyone north of Barrie in Ontario need one??

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