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Thank you all for your responses. I know that positive is not permissive with O, but they were making me to believe that these dogs would take advantage of me since Otis is my first dog and that he was completely different from the breeds that I am interested in (I'm still inexperienced at training dogs). They recommended I get a show-bred Cocker spaniel or English Spaniel, but I knew that that wouldn't match me because I imagined trying to pluck out all the burrs and foxtails from those ears! And I know Oats barely keeps up with me some days!!!

I am happy to know that your dogs, Kaos, thrive on clicker training! It gives me more confidence that I will be a good home for my future dog. I think if I go the breeder route (Aussie), I will ask for a dog that is good for a novice! The breeder nearby has her dogs compete in a lot of venues, including herding. If I go the rescue route (ACD), I will keep my eyes peeled for dogs that just seem wonderfully right to me. It's still a hard decision between Aussie and ACD though! I am most interested in Agility, Disc, and Rally-O, and canine freestyle, and of course hiking and playing on the farm and learning new tricks all the time! I think either will be fine from you guy's replies, but do you think one is more matching to me than the other?

I have met Aussies in person, which is what attracted me to them in the first place. The dog I met was a lovely, lovely black tri girl who had eyes only for her owner and was gentle and well-trained. He warned me that she had a lot of energy and is calm because she does a lot of agility and flyball! I like the look, size, and description of temperament of the ACD. Kaos (and any other ACD owner), can you go more in depth about the ACD?

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