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Thanks Kenzie'sMom for the experience, and I am sorry that this has opened up the memories but I am sure its the good times you had that bring the tears.

Stella is on a similar path. I'll look at the slings. She's falling about once a walk now (and they are short walks) and really only uses 3 legs but that said she is still eating and drinking and even coming in to the family room sometimes. Overall, I am most concerned about the issues that will develop when the weather changes. I think all of us in her life are kind of saying a long goodbye.

But as the sun was shining, the sky was blue and today was a good day (until I tried to get her inside on her bed, that could of gone better) we'll keep on keeping on.

As for the bowls etc. yep I switched food bowls, water dishes all over and placed where she is at the time, all the rugs we have out, and so forth.

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