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The gentlest way to raise a dog's weight is to feed him the maintenance level of kcals/day to maintain the target weight. Rapid weight gain is not desireable. In this case, the dog needs somewhere between 1625-1875 kcals/day to reach and maintain about 80 lbs of bodyweight. This can be adjusted based on his lifestage, lifestyle, and other factors, once he's in better shape.

While part of his diet can be satin balls, if this rescue is seriously underweight, he needs a diet offering certain, complete nutrition, and you could supplement with satin balls. If it were me, and I had the funds, I'd start him on a high-quality canned food, or high-protein/high-fat kibble, using satin ball treats, liberally. He needs protein to rebuild muscle and heal, and fat for rebuilding energy stores.

If you wanted to feed nothing but satin balls, then figure 79-80 kcals/oz of satin ball mixture. To feed him enough satin ball mixture to provide his daily caloric need, you would need to feed him around 1.25-1.50 lbs of satin ball mixture, per day, for him to reach and maintain 80 lbs over time.
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