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Originally Posted by Ramona View Post
OK, so Phelps came to visit today. He's adorable, sweet, funny, smart, and free of any observable behavior problems other than an affinity for toes and fingers. He wasn't hyper-active or "barky." He was a little shy, but he's been through a lot.

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What is troubling me is that I didn't immediately fall head-over-heels in love with him. I'd never seriously petted a wire-haired dog before, but I think the deal is that Riley is still heavy on my heart. I was up-front with Phelps' foster mom, and she seemed to think that my response was understandable. Riley was, in many ways, my first dog, and he's been gone only about 3 months. She said I would probably bond with Phelps just fine.

Have any of you ever adopted a dog and not felt that immediate connection? I sure don't want to make a mistake and bring that little guy any more grief...
its completlly normal.
you should bond with him fine. and i have a wirehaired dog too , you'll get used to it. first dogs you just fall so much in love. second dog its less heavy.
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