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OK, so Phelps came to visit today. He's adorable, sweet, funny, smart, and free of any observable behavior problems other than an affinity for toes and fingers. He wasn't hyper-active or "barky." He was a little shy, but he's been through a lot.


What is troubling me is that I didn't immediately fall head-over-heels in love with him. I'd never seriously petted a wire-haired dog before, but I think the deal is that Riley is still heavy on my heart. I was up-front with Phelps' foster mom, and she seemed to think that my response was understandable. Riley was, in many ways, my first dog, and he's been gone only about 3 months. She said I would probably bond with Phelps just fine.

Have any of you ever adopted a dog and not felt that immediate connection? I sure don't want to make a mistake and bring that little guy any more grief...

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