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Originally Posted by Ramona View Post
Hi, fellow dog-people! I know I already like you. Here's my official introduction:

At 65, I am a "Golden Era" dog-lover who came late to the party but had a wonderful time until it was over:

I was given (yes given) a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 10 years ago. I fell deeply, madly in love and experienced feelings I had never known in my life. What a sweet boy! I devoted myself to him completely. (OK, I actually do have a life, but I was just nuts about this little guy. He was my shadow. We were a very small, tight "pack.")

In December of 2011 when Riley was 9 1/2, he was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma. I opted to go for the chemo, and we had the most wonderful time those last almost-five months of his life. I did things for him that surprosed me, and I'd do it all over again... In all my years, I had never seen another being die, but I had to euthanize him on April 30th. I had been grieveing all along, but now with him gone for good, I am really getting the full-tsunami effect.

(Cue the melodramatic string section): I'll never have another dog! Never!! There is no way I could feel what I felt for Riley ever again!

So, I just "happened" to be innocently cruising Petfinder when three totally bizarre looking little lost souls caught my eye. So what am I doing Saturday? Going to two adoption events to check them out.

I wonder if I'm nuts. I wonder if it's the "right" time. I wonder if I will be disappointed in these cuties just because they won't be Riley. I wonder if any of you have ever wondered these things...

Thanks for reading my story.
Romona, Yes, Yes, and Yes, I know what you are going through and I feel that you have made the right decision. How do I know this? Well, it is for one, very therapeutic, that you would share the love you had for Riley for these lost souls. I think that you are a wonderful, courageous, unselfish human being. Not only that, pet adoption is the only way to go. There are so many unwanted and forgotten dogs out there. Pat yourself on the back, please, for what you are doing is what I wish that a lot more of us would do.

Thank you, oh thank you for adopting these precious dogs!!!! You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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