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Default Hello and possible new dog (Ramona)

Hi, fellow dog-people! I know I already like you. Here's my official introduction:

At 65, I am a "Golden Era" dog-lover who came late to the party but had a wonderful time until it was over:

I was given (yes given) a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 10 years ago. I fell deeply, madly in love and experienced feelings I had never known in my life. What a sweet boy! I devoted myself to him completely. (OK, I actually do have a life, but I was just nuts about this little guy. He was my shadow. We were a very small, tight "pack.")

In December of 2011 when Riley was 9 1/2, he was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma. I opted to go for the chemo, and we had the most wonderful time those last almost-five months of his life. I did things for him that surprosed me, and I'd do it all over again... In all my years, I had never seen another being die, but I had to euthanize him on April 30th. I had been grieveing all along, but now with him gone for good, I am really getting the full-tsunami effect.

(Cue the melodramatic string section): I'll never have another dog! Never!! There is no way I could feel what I felt for Riley ever again!

So, I just "happened" to be innocently cruising Petfinder when three totally bizarre looking little lost souls caught my eye. So what am I doing Saturday? Going to two adoption events to check them out.

I wonder if I'm nuts. I wonder if it's the "right" time. I wonder if I will be disappointed in these cuties just because they won't be Riley. I wonder if any of you have ever wondered these things...

Thanks for reading my story.

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