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This is a estimate one how much it can cost. I got it off of a breeding forum I am on.

Pre-Breeding Cheakup: $95
Vaginal smear to determine optimal breeding time: $75
Stud Fees: $2500
Artificial Insemination Fees: $200
Ultra Sound # 1 $250
Ultra Sound # 2 $250
Whelping Box/Birthing Supplies $75
Xray looking for additional pups after birth: $125
Pitruitin Shots: $25
Bloodwork/vet visit after she continued vaginal bleeding a week later $200
Emergency Spay/Csection after she began hemmoraging: $4600

Puppy cost:
Vet visit $120
declaws $90
food: $450
Vet Visit/shots: $150
Misc (AKC reg, puppy care packge, ect.) about $300

Total expenses:9400

ow offcourse it could be a tad bit less, or it could be 1000's more. Why do you want to breed any way? There is literally thousands of goldens in sheletrs at this moment across the world. Why breed more?

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