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Originally Posted by Kenzie'sMom View Post
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Lianne, that is so good to hear. I think maybe Joe "knows" that he has to behave around Finley, and watch over him on walks. There is nothing better than the love between a dog and child. Trust me, as Finley gets older, he and Joe WILL gang up on you.... Finley is a child... it's his job... and Joe will be his side kick. I can't wait to see the day when Finley finds the dog bones and decides that he will "share" one with the dog. That's what my twin sister and I did with our dog Smokey, when we were kids. We found the box of dog bones, took one out, and we took turns eating the dog bone with our dog. That was back in the day when Milk Bone dog biscuits were the go to treat for dogs. [B]My poor Mom...... she developed an eye twitch by the time we were 5
I still have that 'eye twitch' from Kyle and Kyrie and it didn't take until the kid was 5...

Course I had a head start on it thanks to the first two...
I am one of SEVEN kids. Two older sisters then me and my Twin, then 2 more girls, and finally my brother. How my Mom ever agreed to have any pet is beyond me. But Smokey, Debbie and I were very close. I managed to climb up on the kitchen counter, take a bottle of baby aspirin out, and we divided it up. One for me, one for Debbie, and one for our dog Smokey. We ate the whole bottle. Tasted like oranges. Yum....
Lianne, just something for you to look forward and their dogs.

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