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Default Is "puppies" the right place for a breeding question? (or two)

This will be my first post. I thought I would join a site that would help me through breeding my dog. When we got our now four year old golden retriever, we did not spay her because we are going to breed her. I am allowed to take it into my own hands. I know it should not be undertaken lightly and I am doing all the research I can. I also have enough money (I think). Dakota is expected to come into heat in about a month. Is that enough time to get ready? She is in good condition, healthy, loves people, good temperament, and I see no reason not to breed her unless some health screening comes back with bad results. Step by step- I think we would start with the thorough vet check one month prior to breeding, and at that time do a hip dysplasia x-ray. Are there other test that should really be done for the bitch? I don’t know if the eye, elbow and heart tests are as important. I contacted the AKC a couple weeks ago to see if they had any breeding booklet, and I haven’t gotten a reply. I checked out lot of books at the library, and they just had information on what breeding was and why an inexperienced person shouldn’t do it. You have to start somewhere. Dakota is a registered bitch (with the AKC) Is 4 too old for a first litter? Now would be a great time, because by the time the pups are born I will be almost out of school for the summer, and by the time I go back, most of them will be sold. If we wait ‘til her next heat, (in about 8 months) the puppies will be born at a very inconvenient time and I think 5 might be too old for a first litter. I heard the stud should be tested like the dam, and also have a brucellosis test. I just can’t find a lot of information online. So I would really appreciate if you would answer some of my questions. So if anyone has breeding experience I would love some advice. Thanks in advance!

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